Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I have rather HUGE news

(I kinda feel like there should be a drum roll here so if you could do me a favour and just imagine one I'd be very grateful)

We're moving back to the UK

(There....didn't see that coming did you!!)


  1. Wow! Are you able to give details, like to when and when? I hope you're happy about it! Just think about all you'll be able to write about the "re-entry".

  2. *Gasp*!

    Are you pleased??

    And what about your blog title?:-)

  3. *Sigh* I am very happy for you both. I wish you weren't, but that's a weenie selfish bit of me.

  4. Yikes Carol!!! You too!!! Is it good news or bad news? Happy or sad? What about Splat? Where will you live??? Whendo you leave? Will you have a new blog too? Oh questions questions! Debs x

  5. Oh my God! OH MY GOD!!

    Why? When? Where?? Crumbs!

  6. :)

    I am so happy for you both!
    I am curious to find out when, where you'll be living and if you can come and meet me for coffee?


  7. Oh wow! So many things raced through my head with your subject line in my Reader... Details please!!!!

  8. Sorry we're full. Oh OK, seeing it's you - there's room for 2 more.

    But bring some decent weather back with you.

  9. Oooh! When? Why? Are you pleased?

  10. Chris and Carol from only in Kirkcaldy wouldn't be nearly such an exotic blog title. Now you have to move somewhere with a decent name. Like Edinburgh? Well, I can dream {{{Carol}}} xxxx

  11. Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! Now you'll be able to come to my book launch(es). Your move back to the UK is, of course, all about me, natch... There are some nice places for talented artists in Hampshire :)

  12. I certainly didn't see that coming, I hope you're happy to be returning.

  13. Sue - We're going to be moving to somewhere in the moment I have absolutely no idea where in Wiltshire but the job itself is based in Swindon. We're not sure of the when yet but think it will in the next two to three months.

    Lane - If I'm honest I think both of us have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand we love Thailand and the people here (we will miss them terribly) and on the other it's going to be nice being near friends and family!!

    I don't know what to do about the blog....

    JJ - Your one of the people that I am going to miss terribly!!!

    Lehners - I am in the process of writing a post that will hopefully make things a bit clearer!!

    Splats will be coming too :-). We had a brief discussion along the lines of 'should we find them a new home here' and decided that no...we couldn't leave them behind!!

    Spiral - Iknow....I KNOW!!!

    Caroline - Thanks hon :-). We'll be living somewhere in Wiltshire but I can guarantee you that we can meet for coffee (or a whisky....or two) as we have a lot of friends in Manchester and Cheshire!!

    Amy - Hehehehe. It wasn't till I posted it that it suddenly occurred to me that people might think I was pregnant or something

    EAT - That's very kind of you...I'll see what I can do about the weather (but I'm not promising will be around January after all!!)

    Tam - I think we'll be back in two to three months. We both have mixed feelings about it....sad to be leaving but excited about a new chapter in our lives!!

    Hullabahoney - What do you mean 'Only in Kirkcaldy' wouldn't be an exotic blog title?? I love Edinburgh and would have been more than happy to come live there (added bonus that it where you are!!) but alas there were no job there for Chris :-(. Still, we shall be in Glasgow regularly so will be able to pop's only an hour on the train :-){{{Hullabahoney}}}

    DJ - I know....yayyyyy!!! Hehehehe...I wondered if you might guess when I made a comment about perhaps being back for your book launch!! I really can't wait to meet you :-)

    Debs - I do like to keep people on their toes :-). Excited and sad all at the same time

    C x

  14. Yaaaay, hope to see you in January then!

  15. DJ - You can count on it :-)

    C x


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