Thursday, 23 October 2008

More Info on our HUGE news

We both really enjoy living here but I have to say that when someone you love is unwell it really hits home just how far away you actually are and that's basically the reason we have decided to come back. So.......

Whilst we were in the UK Chris managed to get five interviews sorted out. We charged about all over the country trying to fit them all in and I have to say that he did fantastically well and was actually offered four out of the five jobs (The only reason he wasn't offered the fifth one was that they decided they just couldn't justify bringing in someone as senior as he is in the current financial climate!!) See....He's not just a pretty face!! Two of the roles were based in central London and would have been doing the same as he's doing now, one was for an electronic company based in Guildford and the last one, the one he actually went for, was for Intel which is based in Swindon. It was a tough decision but he's been in consultancy a long time and decided that, in the long term, a move into an industry position would be good for his career.

The job itself is a sort of Internal Consultancy role looking at the import/export of goods, the customs duty attached to the goods and what processes are involved in moving the goods from place to place (I should really get Chris to write this since I don't really know what I'm talking about) - he'll be responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa but, as far as I know, the only travel he'll be required to do will be to Amsterdam. The company sound so good.....there is a subsidised canteen, free parking, he will no longer have to wear a suit to work and there was a lot of discussion about the importance of getting a good work life balance so we will actually get our evenings back!!! Wooo Hoooo (He currently works at least a 12 hour day!!).

Sooooo we know that we will be living somewhere in Wiltshire but have no idea where!! When he actually went for the interview we never made it into Swindon itself but the surrounding countryside was absolutely stunning and from the research I've done it looks like there are loads of lovely little market towns in the area. We've had a chat about it and have decided that we've done the frenetic city living thing now so it would be nice to have a change of pace and go for one of the towns rather than actually live in Swindon. (Neither of us know the area at all so if you know anyone that lives in that neck of the woods that might be able to give us some pointers it would be very much appreciated!!!)

Chris handed in his notice on Monday, we told Moon on Tuesday (which was just heartbreaking and was every bit as awful as I thought it was going to be) and we are now trying to work out the how's and when's.


  1. So you won't be living in Swindon? Does Swindon really exist? :)

    Wishing you happiness and a smooth/stressfree move.


  2. Firstly, well done Chris for doing so well!

    Sorry to hear that someone is unwell. You must be relieved that you're coming back to be nearer to them.
    Also, it must have been dreadful telling Moon. That's going to be a wrench.

    Don't have any connection with Wiltshire I'm afraid so no advice.

    My what a change of lifestyle you're going to have.

  3. Wishing you lots of luck for a smooth return to the UK. x

    (aka Annie B and Mandy :-)))

  4. It's amazing how quickly these things can take shape when they need to. I'm sorry someone is so worryingly ill, but it's great that you seem so happy to be returning (although I'm sure it will be very difficult when the time actually comes). I don't know anyone in Swindon but Wiltshire in general has some absolutely beautiful countryside and Salisbury is great (and none of it is too terribly far from London!). Good luck with it all and big congrats to Chris. keep us posted :-)

  5. Congratulations to Chris on his new job, it sounds wonderful.

    Poor Moon, poor you, that's such a shame having to break upsetting news like that.

    It all sounds rather exciting though, new job, new home. I hope your relative is ok too.

  6. This certainly has happened so quickly! It's impressive how fast Chris found a good job and you can get back to the UK to be with your family member. That's a real relief to know you can be back home with them.

    At least you'll have the weekends back with your husband and you do have some beautiful countryside to explore. Will you continue your art?

  7. I hope it is a positive move overall for you even with having a loved one so ill.

  8. First of all well done Chris, secondly, I hope all is well with your relative and thirdly, Swindon is not a million miles from the dream house we've found,but are still to view. What about SPLAT though? Debs x

  9. Caroline - Swindon does exists and one of my favourite authors, Jasper Fforde, has written about it....according to him Swindon is the place 'where anything can happen - and often does' :-)

    (If you've not read anything by him you should check out The Eyre Affair - I think you would love it!!)

    Lane - Thanks hon...I've passed your congratulations to him and he replied 'Tell her Ta very much'

    The bad news is that our close family member has stomach cancer - The good news is that it's not spread anywhere else. The Doc's are currently doing tests to work out the next course of action but we know that surgery is going to be involved and chemotherapy has been mentioned. I know that being there won't make them better but we both just want to be around should we be needed.

    Moon's become like family so it's going to be hard leaving her....we're currently trying to help her find a new job and we're going to continue paying for her kids university fund so we'll be keeping in touch (Ha, she won't get rid of us that easily!!)

    Amanda - Thanks's actually rather exciting :-)

    Sue - We'll only be an hour and a half away from London by train....and Tom, who was my Matron-of-honour, lives there so we even have somewhere to stay when we visit :-).

    Debs - I've just passed on your congratulations too and he's currently grinning like a loon (just as well he didn't do that in the interview....I think her would have terrified the living daylights out of them!!)

    We'll miss Moon loads but we're planning to keep in touch. I'm going to ask one of Chris's colleagues if she would be willing to translate letters every so often...I'm sure she will :-)

    Amy - Having visited the place, all be it briefly, we are both really looking forward to going exploring. There are some stunning places nearby!!

    I'm definately going to continue with my art!! One of my blog friends, Hullabawonderful (for that is her new name), has done a blog post called '10 reasons why Swindon is the business' and she's got a link to a website that has loads of info about the local art scene....I'm rather excited about it!!!

    DJ - Onwards and upwards!! We've had a great time living here but it's time to go and we're excited about the move. Not looking forward to the actual moving bit...but once we're there.....

    AND I'll be able to come to your book launch....woooo hooooo!!!

    The Lehners - Hey, that would make us nearly neighbours!! How cool would that be....we could get together and drink Dubonnet!!

    Splats will be coming with us :-)

    C x

  10. WOW! Big changes in your lives - congrats to your clever hubby for getting lots of job offers and taking a scrummy sounding one.

    Have you started packing yet?

  11. Tam - I know....HUGE changes....again!!! (one of these years we'll have a quiet one...but I'm not going to hold my breath!!)

    No we've not started packing yet...we're going to have to go through everything first and decide what we're taking with us and what we're leaving. Oh the joy......

    C x

  12. Hello, I've come to you via the good old black box. You're my first Thai blogholder, but not for much longer it would appear. Good luck going back to the UK and to your hubby as well with the new job,

    (wave to Debs Lehner)

  13. French Fancy - Welcome and thanks for the lovely comment. I shall be popping over to yours for a nosey :-)

    C x


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