Friday, 4 September 2009

Happy Birthday little blog

It's my blog's 3rd birthday tomorrow!! (I know....I can't believe I've been blogging for three years either!!).

Only in Thailand was created four days after we arrived in Bangkok and my first ever post was written when we were living out of suitcases in a serviced apartment and I was trying to find somewhere for us to live.....Fast forward a couple of years.....Not Only Thailand was created 10 days after we arrived back in Britain and my first ever post was written when we were living out of suitcases in a serviced apartment and were trying to find somewhere for us to live......

I am seriously hoping that in two years time I will not be about to set up yet another blog whilst we are living out of suitcases in another serviced apartment somewhere!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday little blog because of you I have a wonderful record of our time in Thailand and I have met lots of brilliant people along the way.

'Here's to blogs and Friendship' *raises glass*

Happy We Are Thegither

(The gither = together)

Here around the ingle bleezin', (ingle bleezin' = blazing fire)
Wha see happy and see free? (wha = who, see = so)
Tho' the northern wind blaws freezin',
Frien'ship warms baith you and me.

Happy we are a' thegither, (a' = all)
Happy we'll be, ane an' a'; (ane = one)
Time shall see us a' the blyther (blyther = happier)
Ere we rise to gang awa'. (Ere = before, gang awa' = go away)

See the miser o'er his treasure
Gloatin' wi' a greedy ee! (ee = eye)
Can he feel the glow o pleasure
That around us here we see?

Thus then let us a' be tassin' (tassin' = drinking)
Aff our stoups o gen'rous flame; (stoups = tankard)
And while roun' the board 'tis passin',
Raise a sang in frien'ship's name.

Frien'ship maks us a' mair happy'
Frien'ship gies us a' delight;
Frien'ship consecrates the drappie, (drappie = a small amount of spirits)
Frien'ship brings us here the night.

Happy we are a' thegither,
Happy we've been, ane an' a';
Time shall find us a' the blyther
Ere we rise to gang awe.


  1. Very Happy Birthday little Blog - and a wonderful blog it is too. I've not known it all that long, but I'm already hooked! Witty and vibrant, eloquent and warm - it's a winner. Happy we are a' thegither, indeed!

  2. Happy birthday Carol - and many happy returns too.

    PS Got my OU grades this morning for my creative writing degree - I got an A! Ye ha, ho hum....

  3. Many happy returns of the blog birthday.

  4. Tessa - That is a really lovely thing to say!! Thank you very very much :-D (Means even more because I adore your blog!!)

    Mark - Ooohhh well done you!! That is utterly brilliant must be over the moon!! Now go and've earned it!!

    Queenie - Thank you my dear (I still can't believe I've been blogging for three years!!)

    C x

  5. Happy birthday to you and your lovely blog!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday. What a great journey you've had.

  7. Ladyfi - *grins* thanks hon

    Helen - It's been one hell of a journey!! Thanks for coming along for the ride :-D

    C x

  8. Happy 3rd Blogday. Hope you are going to celebrate as well.

    Love Mum x

    ps Well done Mark, I know the work involved - what an achievement!

  9. Happy blog birthday. It's been lovely sharing it with you too.

  10. Did not realise another post had been created, there was I merrily writing away on your previous one.

    Anyway, must say I have said Happy Birthday to many things, but never words on a computer screen, hope nobody is looking while I sing Happy Birthday, turns around, oh only the dogs, they wont tell, here goes.

    It is my privilege to have got to know brilliant you hen.

  11. So it must be close to 3 years since we met, when you you invited me up to help you and Chris finish a bottle of wine that you were not sure you could finish. I now know this was a lie.

    Marisa x

  12. Mum - It's Malmesbury Carnival tomorrow so we plan to celebrate then!! I'm hoping to go along to a drum group tomorrow afternoon (no idea what to expect but it should be fun) and then there is a big parade through town...I'm guessing much alcohol will be consumed :-)

    JJ - I'm very glad to chose to come along and keep me company...would have been a bit lonely otherwise!! ;-)

    Ann - LOL, I like to keep you on your toes!!

    I won't tell anyone that you sang to my blog I promise (well, for a small fee :-D)

    The pleasure has been all mine hon!!

    SueG - Yay to blog birthdays!!

    Marisa - Well, we couldn't possibly have introduced ourselves as the Scottish pissheads who live upstairs now could we....actually, having got to know you...that's exactly what we could have done *grins*

    Any news on the work trip over?

    C x

  13. Happy birthday eld gal! Lang may yer lum reek!

  14. Wishing you a very happy third blog birthday.

    Isn't it amazing how much happens in three years?

  15. Love 'Happy we are Thegither' especially the friendship verse, so true. Happy blog birthday. Best wishes. Lesley

  16. Aren't blogs wonderful and once one has one you can't imagine how you ever managed without one

    Happy third birthday Carol's blog


  17. Happy, Happy, Happy Blog Birthday!


  18. MOB - LOL!! I've not heard that expression in a long time :-)

    Debs - It is indeed!! Life is never dull is it!!

    Sea Blue Sky - It's a great little poem isn't it!! The friendship verse is my favourite too :-)

    French Fancy - You are absolutely right!! I would miss it, and everyone I've met through it, terribly if I stopped blogging. (It's not for everyone but I do feel that people that don't blog miss out of something rather special!!)

    DJ - Thank you honey :-)

    Pat - Here's to many more!!

    C x

  19. Happy Birthday, many happy returns!!!

  20. Blog adoodledoo!.........hope you dont have a hangover in the morning!

  21. Congratulations on three years of blogging!

  22. Lily - Thank you hon :-)

    Blu - hehehehe, that made me chortle!! Nope, no hangover (I rarely get them...and I really deserve to get them rather frequently!!)

    Cheshire Wife - Thank you my dear :-)

    C x

  23. Happy blog-a-birthday, lovely lady! x


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