Thursday, 11 March 2010

Have I got news for you....

This last week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster!!

Last wednesday we were told at Uni that our results would be out on Monday. The guy that told us then went on to say that not everyone had passed everything and as he said it his glance landed on what did I do?....managed to convince myself that I had messed up and had failed a section of one of my modules. It didn't help that when I was working on my last assignment for the course I had been working from three different computers on four different drafts and had got myself in a bit of a fankle when i discovered that I wasn't actually working on my latest draft!!

I felt a bit sick on Sunday night and then on Monday when I checked the website....nothing!! I called the postgrad centre and they told me that the results didn't come out till today!! Great...two more days of stressing!!

This morning I sat down, logged in and...there were only results of one module!! The one that I wasn't worried about!! So, another phone call to the postgrad centre and they told me.....

I passed both modules!!

and I didn't just pass....

I got two A's!!

I can't tell you how relieved I am and pleased and relieved....


On a slightly different note, for those of your interested in all writerly things the blog Type M for Murder now has five different writers, each blogging one day a week, writing about well, erm....writing!!

On Moday's it's Vicki Delany who writes everything from standalone novels of suspense (Burden of Memory) to traditional village/police procedural series set in B.C. (Valley of the Lost). She has also written a light-hearted historical series (Gold Digger) set during the Klondike Gold Rush.

On Tuesday's it's Rick Blechta who writes about his two passions in life: mysteries and music.

On Wednesday's it's Debby Atkinson who's mysteries portray an insider's view of Hawai'i, a perspective the tour books never show.

On Thursday's it's John R Corrigan who is a teacher of English and Mystery Literature and writes the Jack Austin mysteries, set amid day-to-day life on the PGA Tour.

On Friday's it's Peter May (yes, another shameless plug for my Dad) who has written six thrillers set in modern China, several stand-alones including a thriller set in the virtual world, Second Life, and is currently writing the Enzo Files cold-case series set in France, where he lives.

and on Saturday's it's Donis Casey who writes the Alafair Tucker series set in Oklahoma circa 1900.

Worth checking out if you've not already!


  1. BRILLIANT. I never had any doubts. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, well done, hurrah!

  3. Yay! Now, you deserve TWO custard creams with your cuppa!

  4. I knew you could do it, Carol - I never doubted it for a moment. Believe in yourself, woman!


  5. Hey, you star you! Congrats.

  6. Two A's! That's fantastic. I'm so thrilled for you.x

  7. So you're a member of the AA now? Ha ha.

    Well done.

  8. What a week! Glad it ended well for you. Now you have the weekend to celebrate yay!!

  9. Fantastic, Carol!
    Enjoy celebrating


  10. Brilliantly done! Now go celebrate with some chocolate...

  11. Congratulations! What brilliant results.

  12. Helen - Thanks hon...I am rather chuffed!!

    JJ - Thanks for having so much faith in have much more than I do!!

    Queenie - Your advice was invaluable so thank you!! I may e-mail you for some more in a few weeks if you don't mind?

    Kitty - Now that sounds like my kind of celebration :-)

    French Fancy - Awwww, thank you honey!! I can't help it...I always worry about what I hand in what it has done though is proven that I'm obviously going about my work the right way so I just need to keep doing what I have been!

    SueG - I am totally over the moon!! It's been really hard work!!

    Debs - I'm a bit thrilled for me too! Chris got me a big bunch of flowers and a bottle of champers so I'm feeling rather spoiled :-)

    Mark - LOL. I'm sure that there are some who would say i should have joined years ago *grins*

    Thank you :-)

    Lily - It was so stressful!! Especially because I'd got myself in a fankle with the different drafts...I was convinced that I was going to have to do re-sits!

    Pat - Thank you...I shall :-)

    LadyFi - Now that sounds like a good idea...

    Cheshire Wife - I was just hoping that I would pass so to pass with such good grades was more than I could have hoped for :-)

    Louise - Two down...four more to go!!

    C x

  13. Wow! Congratulations, I am in awe of you and so pleased tha tall your hard work was recognised too. I'm going to check out that 'M for murder' blog now that I know your dad's going to be on it. xo

  14. Many, many congratulations, Carol. Very well done indeed.

    Definitely going to check out that Type M for Murder blog - it sounds fabulous. And will check out your Dad, too (well, his books, obviously!).

  15. DJ - I am so pleased and relieved that I passed and I am completely over the moon that I managed to do so well!!

    Little Brown Dog - Thank you very much my dear...I am most chuffed!!

    C x

  16. Carol, a bit late I know, but CONGRATULATIONS on getting two As! Best wishes, Lesley

  17. Sea Blue Sky - What is it they say? Better late than never :-).

    Thanks hon...I still can't quite believe it!!

    C x

  18. Just catching up on your blog! Have fallen behind in my blog reading of late. Am really happy to hear of your results- well done!!!!

  19. Juniper - Thank you very much! I'm still thrilled but am now in the middle of trying to do the next lot!! It's never ending!!

    C x


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