Thursday, 8 April 2010

I'm feeling rather proud of myself....

Now, those of you that know me will know that I am not the most technically minded of people!! Christ, I can't even cope with the amount of wires that are behind our TV never mind deal with complicated computer technical stuff! However......I have astonished myself (and Chris) by actually managing to remove a virus from my netbook!! (and I did it all by myself!!)

I don't know how I got it (I do have anti-virus and am not a total moron when it comes to not opening suspicious e-mails) but on Sunday morning my netbook started going a bit bonkers. First it did a scan and told me I had 11 viruses, then it kept pinging pop ups at me saying things like 'You are being hacked right now' or 'Your identity is at risk' (Yeah, you can imagine how calm and controlled I was!!)...anyway, it kept taking me to this website and telling me that the only way to get rid of the virus was to buy this software but there was something odd about it so I restrained myself!! When Chris got up (Poor soul, he had only been awake for about three minutes and had a hysterical wife on his hands and a netbook thrust under his nose) he had a look at it and then looked online...turned out I had a nasty virus that mimics Microsoft's security settings and it was blocking access to everything we tried to do to remove it.

Yesterday I called war on the virus (I didn't actually say it out loud...that would just have been weird) and, after an afternoon spent swearing at the bloody thing, I fixed it!! I used the other laptop to download a malware programme (oooh get me with the techy jargon!!), started up my netbook in safe mode and tried to install the programme....the virus shut it down....bugger!! Then I had a brain wave....what if it only blocked .exe files? I could access other things on it sooooo if I changed the file name would I be able to access it? I changed the file from .exe to .com...and it worked!! It identified and then got rid of the virus so my lovely wee netbook is lovely again!! (and not a blue infected monster)

Go me!! I think I should don a cape and wear my pants on the outside of a pair of leggings (I'm sure I've got an old pair at the back of the wardrobe somewhere)....I could be called.... *said in dramatic voice over voice*... 'Virus Woman'.....hold on, that makes me sound like I have a virus...what about 'Virus Fighting Woman'?.....No?? Oh!


  1. Oh well done you. I don't think I could have done that by myself but luckily my computer wizard man is now back at the homestead so I don't have to worry any more. Did Chris let you persevere uninterrupted or did he try and help? I'm very proud you managed to do it.


  2. Hurray for Virus Woman! Make sure you always wear your knickers outside your tights now...

  3. Wow, I'm suitably impressed by your Virus Woman status. I now know who to call if I ever get into the same situation.

    Well done you.x

  4. Impressive - I'd have dropped it off at work for the techy boys to fix. I so despise the people who spread these things - in the end I got a Mac so I don't have to worry so much.

  5. I'm very impressed, speaking as a total technodork - well done!

  6. And so you should be proud of yourself Carol! Love the accompanying graphics too! Best wishes, Lesley

  7. Good for you. I'm terrible with all that stuff and just get my sister to run all my scans.

    Well done!

    There's an award for you on my blog

  8. Then I had a brain wave....what if it only blocked .exe files? Having brainwaves like that makes you a Super Techno Virus Woman, in my book.

    I am awed. Well done!

  9. Way to go girl, fantastic.

    No, not big knickers please, it spoils the look of the grunge.

  10. Well done Carol - virus's (virusi?) are a royal pain in the bum! I remember this one time, when the people who made flu vaccines persuaded the whole world we were going to die from this terrible flu. In the end it was all of a drib. Swines. ;-)

  11. I am totally impressed! I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago and did the headless chicken thing. Fortunately husband is a techie. Whew!

  12. You are truly one clever girl! We have a new laptop, complete with a proper paid for anti-virus, yet it has suddenly started behaving as if it has one. Oh, how I begged and pleased with the CH to NOT let the children use it with all the bugs and nasties that come via Facebook and MSN, but no, I was told I have to share and now see what's happened. We have free tech support for one year and I've spent over a week trying to get through to them. It's all very well being free, but if you can't get hold of them. Still, I know someone who could help....... Virus Woman!

  13. You're now my heroine! I can't imagine being able to sort that by myself. Am now going to fret over getting a nasty virus like that. Never happy unless I'm worrying about something...

  14. I can't help thinking that 'Virus Woman' would wear leggings that are slightly baggy on the bum and smell a bit funny?

    Impressed with your techie know-how though, I must admit.

  15. French Fancy - Yay to having Computer Wizard man back home!! I'm sure you would have been able to cope though (Seriously, if I can do it so could you!!)

    LOL, he left me alone to do it...not necessarily through choice....he was at work at the time!!

    Lady Fi - Hmmmm, I could start a new trend couldn't I....

    Debs - I'm still in shock that I managed to fix it...

    *sniggers* who you going to call? Virus fighting woman :-)

    Mark - If I had techy boys I could have dropped it off to I think I would have but alas I had to struggle through myself!! (and I won...yay!!)

    Queenie - I'm a technodork too...long live the internet that's what I say!!

    Sea Blue Sky - Hehehe, I still think it's a miracle that I managed it :-)

    Lily - Ohhhh and lovely!! Hopefully I will be able to access your blog...I've not been able to for ages!!

    JJ - LOL. Thank you very much my dear!! (I'm still proud of myself :-D)

    Ann - Awwww, do you not think big knickers are the way to go? *sniggers*

    Kevin - The people who have made this virus have probably made a shed load of money from people buying the 'solution'.

    Yes, I wrote a paper on swine flu which was what got me onto my Uni course...the level 6 pandemic warning refered to the geographical spread of the disease, not its severity!!

    Nicky - It is just a hideous virus that play on your fear of getting a virus....the people that makes these things are just downright nasty!!

    Previously Very Lost in France - Seriously, if you want me to give you step by step what I did I'm more than happy worked!! Send me an e-mail...address is on the sidebar :-)

    DJ - Fret know Virus Fighting Woman and I would come to your rescue :-) *flaps cape in dramatic manner*

    Spiral Skies - LMAO!! Now there's an image...and one I fear that may be correct...for Virus I'm Virus Fighting Woman so I would be fine :-)

    rtfgvb762 - Thanks.

    C x

  16. Very impressed. What's your international call-out charge?

  17. NO, certainly not Carol, especially when worn outside of clothes.

    You would look a bampot hen, and kids would run after you, waving their pointy fingers and sniggering, as would I.

  18. I've given you an award on my chez aspie blog

  19. That's great! I am so hopeless at techie stuff so hats off to you! :)

  20. Louise - LOL. Free to you my dear :-)

    Ann - Your just not giving them a chance hen!!

    God woman, I've not heard the word bampot in a while...must remember to use it more often!!

    DJ - Ooohhh an award...I like awards :-)

    Talli - Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment (I love getting comments :-D). To be honest, I'm hopeless at techie stuff too...which is why I was so proud of myself I had to blog about it!!

    C x

  21. Wow, look at all these comments. You really hit a chord with this one. But I left you an award over at my blog today, so do drop by and get it! xo

  22. Sue - Thank you hon :-)....I shall be right over....

    C x


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