Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Thailand (the 1st bit)

When the lovely Georgina Dollface had a blog break a few weeks ago she decided to keep a list of daily thoughts and observations and then blog about them when she got back. I loved reading them....they gave a great glimpse into her day so I thought I would do the same for our Thai holiday (I won't do it all in one go cause I think both thee and me would lose the will to live!). Soooo, here goes....

Sunday 5th -
We were flying out of Manchester (cause it was easier and cheaper than doing it from London) so after dropping the splats off at the cattery we decided just to make our way up there. We arrived at lunchtime.....the sky was blue, the sun was shining and West Didsbury (the area we used to live) was having a mini festival to celebrate it's independent shops....the entire place was buzzing. We had lunch in our old local, walked past our old house, caught up with a friend who we'd not seen in five years, bought wine from our favourite wine shop (the owner, Kate, organised a champagne tasting for us to help us choose what we were going to have on our wedding day...OMG we had so many different champagnes! I had my first ever proper hangover the next day!) and it reminded me just how much I love the city. We sat outside with a beer reminiscing about our time was a great start to our holiday!

Monday 6th am - (Somewhere between Manchester and Dubai).
I had been dozing in my seat and stretched to get a bit more comfortable. Cool air was blowing on my face but I was nice and warm having wrapped myself up in the blanket that was provided. I opened my eyes and saw the wee lights they have on the roof of the plane twinking away like stars so decided to open the blind and have a peer out the window. The sky was split in two by a band of deep orange....the bottom half was a smokey blue/purple colour.....exactly like the colour of black grapes, above it was the band of deep orange and above that was a cloudless dark blue.....and the best bit.....I could still see a tiny sliver of crescent moon. (I found a pic that looked similar)

Monday 6th pm -
Knocking on the door of Marisa's apartment and seeing it nearly flung off it's hinges as Moon opened it to greet us.

Tuesday 7th -
Meeting my fab friend Jen to go and get our nails done. It was like I had never been away!! (although I really should have remembered that the place we went to put's three coats of nail varnish on...the first was lovely, a kind of caramel brown, the second was not so lovely, they now looked a bit greeny brown, and the last one...well, I ended up with nails that were the colour of manure.....lovely!!).

Wednesday 8th -
Sitting in The Bulls Head playing Mah Jong with the girls. Aircon is whirring in the background and I'm listening to the chatter of the girls and the click of the Mah Jong tiles on the wooden table. I love the feel of the tiles....they are so well worn that they almost feel soft to the touch. My jet lag had well and truely kicked in and I was struggling to work out what hand to play....much to the amusement of Louise!

Thursday 9th -
We got the river boat to Wat Po. I loved the feel of the wind in my hair, the slight spray of water on my face and the thud of the boat as it struggled against the current. I could hear the boatman's whistles as we approached the piers and the answering call of the guard on land. The boat was packed and I was squashed between Chris and Moon as we watched the mixture of sky scrapers and shanty towns go by. We spent three hours meandering round Wat Po. I had forgotten just how magical the place is....and how very large the Buddah has to be one of my favourite places in Bangkok. (You can read more about Wat Po here)

Iron Fairy. Small, dark and very quirky restaurant which does THE best burgers in Bangkok. We went there with our good friends Tim and Elyssa and the evening past in a blur of laughter. (Remind me to tell you about the catfood gotta hear about the catfood story!)

Friday 10th -
We spent the entire morning at the Grand Palace. It was great to recapture my love of the place which I had kind of lost having been there so many times when we had visitors.

That evening we went to the Robin Hood where we met up with all of Chris's old work colleagues. We started drinking at 4.30 and, not surprisingly, it got a bit messy....culminating in Chris and Marisa having a foot fight (don't ask) back at her apartment.

Ok, I think that is more than enough for now! I'll try and do the next instalment at some point in the next few days.


  1. Oh I look forward to reading this (just not right now, as I need to sleep)!

  2. What a lovely mixture of memories! Your description of the sky outside the plane reminds me of some of the amazing colours, clouds, moons and suns I've seen from plane windows. I always have my camera ready to try and capture them but they are never as good as when you see them 'live'.



  3. What a good idea to blog your thoughts, feelings and happenings and I like the photos that go with all you had to say. I don't know anything about Mah Jong but the tiles have always fascinated me, I would love to have the game explained sometime.

  4. Fantastic memories, indeed. I was just blogging earlier with a photographer about the real meaning of photos. I lost many precious photos in a flood a few years ago. Nevertheless, the memories of what the pictures represented are still clear in my mind. Blogging is a great way to heighten the recollections. Thank you.

  5. I can't wait to hear the cat food story.

    You being here was like you'd never been away....

  6. Silken Mah Jong tiles.....I could feel 'em. It's been a while....

    What lovely writings of your wonderful moments.

    <-- personally fond of manure coloured nails


    I DO live in the midwest! ;-)

  7. Sounds like you had a delightful series of laughter-filled days.

    And do tell us more about the cat food incident!

  8. I loved your descriptions - I felt like I was travelling with you. I love things that are used and worn like the tiles...

    Sounds like you had a lovely time and now I can't wait to hear the catfood story!

  9. I sooooo want to go there. I'm hoping maybe next year - if I can afford it.

  10. Trousers - LOL...yep...sleep is good! I hope you enjoy the post :-)

    Juniper - OMG it was just absolutely breathtaking and I felt like I was the only one on the plane awake to see it! It is a bit disapointing when the camera doesn't manage to capture the magic of the moment.

    Marilyn - I thought it was a good idea too and writing it took me right back to those moments which was lovely :-). I've had a Mah Jong set for ages and got totally confused when I tried to follow the's one of those games that really needs someone to show you how to play it. It's actually not that complicated and it's great fun!

    JJ - Chris is an avid photographer and has taken some absolutely amazing photographs...I would be gutted if anything happened to them so I can imagine how you must have felt! How are you storing them now?

    Jenny - It's one of those storys that is completely true but you so wish that it wasn't!

    Mel - I am now officially worried about you...and living in the midwest is absolutely no excuse :-)

    Glad you enjoyed the post!

    LadyFi - We were out every single night....I was actually quite glad to get home for a rest! Your going to have to wait a bit for the catfood story...

    Talon - I have an old set that I play with that are bone and bamboo and they are heavenly to touch! Everytime I play I always think about how many people have used it over the years and wonder about what they were like.

    Queenie - I think you would absolutely love it!

    C x

  11. Fascinating account. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  12. What a wonderful time you're having even if your nails are the colour of poo, lol! There always seem to be so many beautiful and interesting things to see over there.

  13. Yes I'm enjoying it very much! I do love reading about such things, and I look forward to the next instalment.

    I do admire your brevity actually (while still being able to express a lot) - the first time I went to Berlin I wrote a few words each day while I was there. I expanded on them a little when I got back home and ended up with 36,000 words..

  14. Oh this is a good way to read about your adventures and admire your wonderful pics.

  15. Boonie - Glad you enjoyed :-)

    Debs - Yep we had a fantastic time....despite my poo coloured nails! (Which, incedentally, are not attractive in the slightest)

    It's a fabulous place with so much to see!

    Trousers - I love reading about peoples travels's armchair travelling :-)

    LOL at your ending up with 36,000 words!

    Fire Byrd - I enjoyed writing it so I'm very glad that you enjoyred reading it :-)

    C x

  16. What a wonderful and varied time you had.

  17. What a lovely collection of images, Carol! I want more! :)

  18. Yes, how lovely to hear about it. I would love to go. One day.

    warm wishes

  19. Helen - We did indeed...and I've only covered half of it so far!

    Talli - Hehehe, and more you shall get....but it may take me a few days...first Uni class is tonight!

    Bluestocking Mum - Welcome and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment. Thailand is a wonderful place and I highly recommend visiting :-)

    C x

  20. What a brilliant trip and how lovely to see Moon again. I hope she's doing well.

    ('manure nails'. Haha!)

  21. Lane - We had such a great time...It was brilliant seeing everyone and getting to spend some time with Moon (We've already had her on skype twice since we got back!)

    (Not funny!!)

    C x

  22. Nice journal, one gets a good sense of the adventure in the lively details, thanks!

  23. Sorry to be so late, sweetie

    I love the journal aspect of this post and look forward to the next bit. You brought back my memories of that amazing city - what an incredible place it is.

  24. I went to Wat Po (huge reclining Buddha yes?) and the Grand Palace when i was in Bangkok...brought back memories. Great that you are having such a great time but I do hope you come back to Blighty

  25. It looks like a fascinating place. I hope that the holiday didn't make you too homesick. If that is the right word.

  26. Lovely post! I love learning about Thailand from you. You give the best descriptions...

  27. Great post, shame about the nail varnish and I MUST hear the cat food story! xo

  28. Carol, passing by to show some bloggie love and wonder whther all is ok up North across the channel?

  29. Sorry to hear you're swamped at uni.. but hope you're enjoying it!

  30. Hope you're OK, hon - you've been quite astonishingly quiet!

  31. (((((((((((( Carol )))))))))))))

    Just a drive-by hug. :-)

    I know you're up to your eyebrows in Uni work--just keep pluggin' away!
    Oh....breathing and a bit of fun inbetween is required yaknow! ;-)

  32. Toemailer - Welcome and thank for the lovely comment :-)

    French Fancy - No need to apologise!! Look how long it's taken me to get back to you!
    I will, at some point, write the second half but I don't think you should hold your breath cause it's unlikely to be any time soon!

    Molly - It was fabulous visiting but, yes, it was nice to come home again (I had forgotten just how much I hate being hot and sweaty all the time...and having to cover myself in insect repellent every day wasn't pleasant either!)

    Cheshire Wife - I did kinda make me homesick for our old life.....I guess it made me appreciate our time out there all the more!

    Sharon - Awww, that's a lovely thing to say! Thank you :-)

    DJ - I shall share the cat food story once I've finished this comment :-) (Better late than never eh!)

    Paula - Aww thank you honey. Sorry I've been so quiet....Uni is just insane and I've not really had a chance to blog.

    LadyFi - I'm finding this semester really tough going. The subjects are interesting but one of the lecturers is making life a bit difficult at the moment.

    Queenie - I'm just up to my eyeballs and am feeling a bit swamped! Lots of work to do and my Head of Department has managed to put the fear of god in me about the dissertation!

    Mel - Fun?? Having a life?? What are these things of which you speak?? :-)

    C x


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