Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I thought I had got away with it...but today it caught up with me!

We did a seven mile Nordic Walk on Sunday.

In. The. Snow!! (I hope your impressed cause I was bloody amazed that Chris and I managed to drag ourselves out our pit at 8am on a snowy Sunday morning to go walking!). It was actually rather lovely (I know! Who would ever have imaged?!). The last time we did that walk we went up one huge curving steep hill that damn near killed me. I must have stopped at least five times! This time I made it up TWO rather huge curving steep hills and didn't stop once...mainly cause I had Steve walking beside me telling me that I could do it! It wasn't fast and it probably wasnt pretty (unless red and wheezing does it for you!) but I did it and you know what....yesterday the old legs were not feeling too bad!

Today? Well, all I can say is that it appears to have caught up with me.


*wobbles off like an old woman*


  1. Wlee done you, I'm seriously impressed with your energy!

  2. Well done for getting out there in the first place! I do a lot of walking but my legs have been feeling it more than usual after a two-hour walk through snow and slush on Sunday :)

    Did you take the photo? It's very good.

  3. *laughing*

    I relate to the 'wobbling off like an old woman'.
    Only, I do that without having to go walk in snow and cold. Heck, sometimes getting out of the chair does that for me.

    Oh wait.
    I'm going to publish that comment?!
    k.......but now smartie pants remarks back, tyvm.......

  4. Debs - I can honestly say that I didn't know I had it in me!

    Trousers - I can't believe that I actually made it out of bed! The snow outside was definitely not a motivational factor. And well done you for going out in it too :-).

    Mel - Nope, no smartie pants remarks from here! (At least not while I'm still wobbling like an old woman...after that...well...I'm not promising anything! *winks*)

    C x

  5. You are so energetic. I hate the cold and only go out when I really have to despite needing the exercise. I will wait until I can get back on my bike! Diane

  6. I always tell myself when my muscles start complaining that it's just a sign that I've moved their lazy butts and they're just whining :)

    Kudos for getting out of a warm bed and heading out into the snow!

  7. It's weird I think nothing of walking 10 miles on a Wednesday or a mile every morning with my dog, but walking in 5" of snow the smallest distance was exhausting and now it's turned to ice and the dog has stopped speaking to me as I'm such a wuss in slippy stuff. We're not getting more than a few yards before I turn for home whimpering!

  8. I'm proud of you! I am originally from New Hampshire, and Nordic treks were part of our existence. We have not seen a lot of snow since we moved to Florida.

  9. Diane - I'm not a fan of the cold either so I don't blame you in the slightest! I don't have a bike at the moment...Chris and I have talked about getting ourselves one but have not got round to it...perhaps this year!

    Talon - That is a great way of thinking! I shall have to try that and see if it helps (we're going walking tomorrow so I will have a chance to test it out!). Thanks for the kudos..I do feel that I have earned it :-)

    Fire Byrd - 10 miles!? Blimey! *takes hat off to you*. I know what you mean about the snow...it was very slippy underfoot and I did actually fall and hurt my thumb. My first thought was 'Oh no! How on earth am I going to be able to keep drawing if I've hurt my hand!' Happily I just sprained it and could still draw! Hope the dog is now speaking to you again :-)

    JJ - Erm, no...and I would guess that you would be extremely worried if you saw lots of snow in Florida :-).

    C x

  10. I hope that you have recovered in time for this weekend's activities!


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